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Here’s How 5G Adoption Will Boost AR And VR Market In India

Here’s How 5G Adoption Will Boost AR And VR Market In India

As India gears up for 5G adoption by 2020, a new research indicates that the foundation for mobile network-assisted augmented reality and virtual reality-based applications will be laid this year. This will come in the form of ubiquitous 4G coverage with so-called Gigabit Class speed, which is expected to see a commercial roll-out in soon. 5G will eventually build on top of this by leveraging more spectral bands and wider bandwidths to boost capacity.

In terms of technological advancements, both VR and AR have emerged as major markets in recent years thanks to the advances in mobile and computer technology. According to an estimate by ABI Research, the total AR market is expected to touch $114 billion by 2021, while the total VR market will touch $65 billion. Industry experts believe the arrival of next generation of 5G network, will unlock the full potential of VR and AR technology. Here’s why — the current 4G network standards pose several limitations in terms of bandwidth, latency, and uniformity. And when it comes to AR and VR technologies, they require a lot of data processing which is where a 5G rollout can lower latency, speed up the process. The research indicates that 5G will usher in a 10x improvement in throughout, a 10x decrease in latency, a 100x improvement in traffic capacity, and a 100x improvement in network efficiency as compared to 4G.

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