Immersive Tech

Immersive technology i.e Vitual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality(MR) refers to all forms of perceptual and interactive hardware technologies that blur the line between the physical world, the simulated and digital world thereby creating a sense of immersion. This technology is basically meant to create immersive experiences (including digital elements) that feel real to the user. Various types of immersive applications and media is required to create a realistic environment, development and recording tool that blends the various technologies together.

Immersive technologies are applied in numerous medical fields like medical education and training, surgical simulation, neurological rehabilitation, psychotherapy, and telemedicine. Recent development in the technical feasibility of VR, AR and MR will ameliorate inconvenience of traditional medical care, reduce medical malpractices caused by the unskilled operation, and lower the cost of medical education and training.