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Immersive Tech
Big Data

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, there lie several opportunities where blockchain can provide advantage including reimbursement of healthcare services, exchange of health data, security and access, clinical trials, Drug Supply Chain & Provenance, smart contracts. Understanding blockchain technology is of utmost importance so as to see how blockchain is being and can be applied to healthcare systems.


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The potential uses of AI in healthcare include advanced analytics and bots that can help the industry in diagnostics, drug creation as well as prediction. With advancement in technology, this fantasy is becoming reality. And we are counting on collaborative efforts on doing so.


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VR, AR and MR are applied in numerous medical fields like medical education and training, surgical simulation, neurological rehabilitation, psychotherapy, and telemedicine. Recent development in the technical feasibility of VR, AR and MR will ameliorate inconvenience of traditional medical care, reduce medical malpractices caused by the unskilled operation, and lower the cost of medical education and training.


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Big data Analytics in healthcare creates a noteworthy experience which can be utilized to foresee ailment results, design treatment conventions and for the key hierarchical arrangement. By digitizing, consolidating and adequately utilizing enormous information, human services & associations going from single specialists practice to little and expansive healing centers to national clinic systems remain to profit. Fundamentally, enormous information through big data analytics is helping associations turn out to be more gainful, effective and efficient.


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Health scholars believe machine learning is one of the life-saving technology that will transform healthcare. This technology challenges the traditional, reactive approach to healthcare. Machine learning has predictive, proactive, and preventative—life-saving qualities that make it critically essential in every health system.


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mHealth is considered of extreme importance in making healthcare more accessible. It has the potential to reduce cost and increase the quality of healthcare. M-Health can combine patient treatment and care technologies with human health control devices to influence each other. This technology thus has the potential of embedding technologies which can improve human health more efficiently.


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'Digiceuticals' are essentially specially designed computerized programming filling in as medications. These are introduced for the most part as easy to use cell phone applications for different illness conditions – both as solitary treatment or to increase other treatment forms for better results.


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The Internet of Things, as an arrangement of existing and rising innovations, ideas and administrations, can give numerous answers for the conveyance of electronic human services, persistent care, and medicinal information administration. 1.0 aims to unite innovative specialists, scientists, industry and universal experts towards a common goal of improving human services arrangements in view of IoT advances, principles and strategies.


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Hashgraph is a new consensus protocol that has garnered attention lately by being projected as a technology that will make blockchains obsolete. According to Hashgraph’s website, it is claimed that Hashgraph has the following properties:

Fast: 250,000+ Transactions Per Second

Fair: Mathematically-Proven Fairness (via Consensus Time Stamping)

Secure: Bank-Grade Security (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant)

A cursory read of these three properties suggests that Hashgraph may indeed be a game changer — — with 250,000+ transactions/second, it could solve the scalability issue facing most blockchains today.


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