We empower with the Power of Collaborations

Exponential Healthcare (P) Ltd., India administered 'Cashless Healthcare Ecosystem' is out to innovatively capture diverse healthcare needs of the populations, including the hitherto undiscovered & at times, un-serviceable ones ,  by connecting ALL Stakeholders in the Healthcare sector. This makes the treatments technologically viable, clinically acceptable & economically possible.  The vision is to make all kinds of Healthcare

Providers, Preventive as well as curative, & their vendors to work in tandem with a simple common goal of healthifying people and generate open source health care, which can be easily crowd sourced by one & all.

For meeting the objectives, as stated, herein above, continual exploration of the bleeding edge technological options & making them take roots on the ground for actual delivery cannot be understated. The domains, as covered in the present scope of this eCommunity, as well as the event belong to that category. These technologies are destined to make a huge difference to the mankind through their application in Healthcare & hence the most apt for us to practice them now. Such an amalgam of domains for healthcare is being created for the very first time.  

What for?

Healthy people, healthy families, healthy communities, healthy nations leading to happy world! Your world, my world! These technologies are fast, can penetrate fast through available devices, can touch more than Billion people in India alone. 

Why is it needed?

Its needed to realise that healthcare is a serious issue. It keeps evolving. The needs keep evolving.We must have a serious & continuous dialogue amongst all the healthcare providers in order to keep collaborating to find solutions.  If you are connected with healthcare in any which way, you need to realise that you have the power! Let us compound that power with the help of these technologies and get them to work for us. 

You have the power to uplift hundreds of sick & needy out of their diseases & ailments. To relieve their stress & anxieties, to prevent all kinds of health challenges.  This is an additional power, which you unleash, only when you collaborate systematically & with diverse providers routinely & dynamically. That exactly is the reason for us, not to JUST create an event, but this community, which is always in touch with each other through group discussions & participation in various fora. We help you unlock your markets, save you money, make you a preferred vendor for all the other healthcare businesses and together with you, deliver  better Healthcare.

What is the market opportunity?

Together, the entire Healthcare Industry, by Yr 2020, is going to underutilize 166 Billion Dollars worth of existing healthcare capacities /  inventories, just in India. The market opportunity for all the healthcare & allied businesses is that Together, We Can prevent some of this avoidable wastage by better aligning the demand & supply. You just need to agree & join the ecosystem. As domain experts & practitioners of these technologies, the Mankind looks at you with great expectations. Are you ready? We are ready to play The Catalyst. 

Why should you care?

You must care, because we as a society or a Nation, or even as a comity of Nations, cannot afford to waste costly healthcare capacities till millions & millions of our people stay outside the healthcare net. Would not even be prudence of any kind, if we waste these capacities, especially, when they can be converted into a beautiful & so Noble a revenue stream, especially when these technologies are available, Available at Your disposal.

Why should you join?

You are a healthcare business or anyone to deal in healthcare goods or services or inputs to healthcare, belonging to one the theme domains ; Want to serve / treat / earn / save / belong to an elite community / earn name / learn / research / collaborate / donate …JOIN US..